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How to be a Magnetic Manager

Management is not easy since it requires a lot of efforts and energy. Leaders are not born while they are leaders. One becomes a leader after acquiring the leadership skills after some time. Leading is the work of managers in an organization. The way managers do their work determines whether the employees will stay in an organization or whether they will leave after some time. A magnetic manager is a name given to a manager who leads the employees effectively such that they do not leave the organization. He or she does this by leading the employees in an effective way such that they are comfortable in their workplace. Ways of becoming a magnetic manager are discussed below.

Treating others the way they prefer to be treated is a good step. Different employees in an organization have different personalities and characters. For instance, you will find some of them are introverts while others are extroverts. As a manager, you need to learn the different personalities that the employees have. Lead in a way that all the employees are comfortable no matter their different personalities. Whenever you are talking to introverts, talk to them privately.

Offer a fair treatment to everyone. For you to be loved by the employees, you need to treat each one of them fairly. Show respect to every stakeholder of the organization. Never have favorites as this will make other employees feel that they are not wanted. Try your level best to build relationships with everyone.

As a manager, you should have effective communication with the employees. Communication is vital in every organization otherwise it will be hard to achieve the objectives of the organization. Communicate with the employees to know their work progress as well as any problems that they might be facing in their work. Have natural talks with the employees as this shows that you love them. Be authentic in whatever you say. Ensure that there is a two-way communication by encouraging the employees to talk to you. In case you make a mistake, you should admit.

Listen to the ideas given by the employees. Sometimes good ideas which aim at attaining the goals of the organization are given by the employees. A manager is a leader so he or she should listen to the ideas from the juniors who are the employees. Employees get a sense that they are being heard and valued when you listen to the ideas. If some of the ideas do not seem to be practical, do not practice them. The things which make employees complain are different. You should also listen to the complaints from the employees and act accordingly. Above are some of the ways in which you can become a magnetic manager.-
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